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projections is taz, jamie, steven. we make music in whatever way sounds good to us, currently that's using guitar, drums, bass guitar and keyboards. we are into repeated patterns vs short attention span. clever vs stupid. we are a rock band.

very soon we release a split 7" on trash aesthetics, our side has a song called muted, on the other side is our friend luke abbott who will be providing a completely different set of sounds spurned from his self-made synths. our debut 7" is also available, you can buy it online from us should you so desire.

oh and jamie has made us a myspace page if you're into that kind of thing (yeh i know, i know).

projections plays :

apologies to anyone who was hoping to see us at chinchillafest in leeds, we had to pull out at very last minute and it's a fucking shame because we were really looking forward to playing. we will sort it out and come to leeds soon we promise you that!

friday 5th may upstairs at the garage, highbury, london
silver rocket club night, doors 9pm-3am, 5.

tuesday 6th may catch, shoreditch, london
with blood red shoes, 5, doors 8.30pm.

friday 23rd june the freebutt, brighton
with architects and jacob's stories. 5, doors 8pm.

hear projections : mp3s of at a distance and we couldn't speak and twenty three and leave the room
feel free to share our music with anyone by any means

contact projections
we will play anywhere that we're asked to so long as we don't lose money.

haven't you heard? lapsus linguae are back.



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