we've set up a paypal system so you can buy these things online with yr card. it will calculate in sterling, euro, $ us, $ can, yen. if you'd rather not register with them, or you don't have a card, or you'd just rather do it the old way, just drop us an email to check yr order then send the address and payment to the cat hq below.

there is more information about the record releases here. also if you can't find the format you want, you might find something on the southern records mailorder.

a blanket over your eyes 5.50
cd only  
structure and fear 9
cd only  
set them on fire with their own matches 3
cd only  
a butterfly kiss the tar of a thousand births 3
cd only  
husband killer t-shirt - red w/white print 8
skinny only  
bubblegun collection 1 (3 track compilation) 3
cd only  
two minutemen compilation 6
cd only  
*the oedipus: blueprint for ruins 4
cd only  

*please note the oedipus releases are NOT cat on form releases. i don't want anyone to get confused and order something they don't want!

we will send you yr order as soon as we can - please bear in mind that we tour a lot so if you place and order during a tour we might not be able to post it until we're back!

please make cheques payable to "steven ansell" or "daniel jones", or if you want to send cash just make sure it's well concealed.

send yr order, payment and address to :
19 new england road
bn1 3tu
united kingdom

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