action happening
don't speak to me don't be polite to me
your fucking smile conceals your violence
its no longer private - our bodies for sale
you think we don't know what's going on here?
how do we fit into this?
i saw her face falling onto the floor
a magazine, to fool men into wanting more
a neverending cycle of pit stop love and confusion is pure
joy for capitalists
they know your scent, they've planned everything out
a haunted house with a vile bubbly soundtrack
snap snap
beauty is defined by people with a need to scare and manipulate
her body is formed as a commodity
a pricetag? this person is not property
her body for sale
the right time
they know when to strike
how do we fit into this?

back off man, i'm a scientist
all these movements restrain all the questions that are asked, there's more that we could say
the more that we create the more we will control
all these actions deny, destroy
help us

i broke a nail
we're all raised with crippled hands and crippled minds
a society that offers us everything that is nothing
every year the intake increases, no output until anger
raised to buy and not create
they teach us fucked up shit
like how to move and tick
and there's no warning signs
for old respected minds
school's a fucking joke
of sick structure and fear
increase your keyboard speed!
forget the soil and seeds
ideas inside our heads - this is what's sold
but they all want us dead - this is what's sold
i can't sow
i can't build
i can't believe we take this shit every day
i want more for us
but they all want us dead
i'm tired of life meaning nothing

sell the kids to the kids
into position, create the situation
make the words serve those who use them
process of gold
roses are gone
non stop until they've got it
you're sold without a say
you're fucked, you're dead
you're stylised moulded clay
your barn of gold
you're just fodder anyway
we still live this
sell the kids to the kids

mr. spotlight
can hear her whispers with every car that passes by
she's needing, she's bleeding
and they just say show us yr wild side
d'you feel at home? why don't you react?
i can't create - why don't you get up?
i can't react

rock and roll song
dissect it into quarters, it makes no sense in living, sell the perfect answer for each
they elevate themselves to a position of power, construct the meanings that we inhale
meanings are important they set our mode for living, intoxicated by their advice
but you make it yourself
cut away the solid so we can have the power to shape it into what we see fit
it smells like snow

set them on fire with their own matches
dissolved into formless liquid antisubstance
we can't see the enemy's inside itself
the answer is inside itself
it's not set, not formed
your suffering is self harm, you wonder why we fall?
and they live happily every after, chasing their own tails

a whip in one hand, gold in the other
this incident is more than i allow me to believe
my thinking just distorts, directs away from cause
no more no more sit still and hide
is this all we're worth?
wrong words come readily, but don't allow it to make sense
apathetic mistake: not to unearth - this is not solved
can this be by design, stifle what's possible
as all the things that we call small are always something meaningful

blood drained
my eyes always take a while
though you shouldn't underestimate my smile
seems like your eyes take a while
though i shouldn't underestimate your smile
forests overflow with missiles while your body floats down river
blood drained

broken dialogue
hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt
pushed in your stampede
roll in filth and greed
comfort blinds our working eyes
i've never seen a tv bleed their lies
this program that informs you
was tested and it failed
stil searching for your fortune?
then salute as they prevail
i will stab your heart
while i tie your shoes
bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb
straight down
you stand still as directed
their power multiplies
we preach the dissolution
of willing slavery
mother i'm gone, mother
their green eyes have roots in contradiction
hoping, bleeding, it's not working
we are not powerless

soiled skulls
no soil remains in our soul
we've seen the sky, we've seen it fall
we've felt the lightning above us all
and when it strikes, uses us for fuel
that's when creation is burned by you
no soil remains in our soul

everything has a history
a simple mistake: find someone to blame
all they fomulate melts into the air
decentre yourself, react and apply
process is defined, purpose is defined
last thing we learn strikes true to our hearts
that we can define the truth in our art
these things move much to slowly, these things move much too fast
how can we hope to understand if we ignore our past?
so fuck you, he's got his left arm hanging
rub out, fuck you

oh no! telephone rings
can you hear them moving? the silence has been broken
pile them up into a fire, burn every conceived idea
and hope for better - but lies won't move us any further
the fiction is set up, "but at least i can hold my head up"
eye out for their timing, the process has been painful for us
you just sit there waiting, but that won't bring us any form of hope for let up
parade and ignore all that denies as product - now i can make my mind up
are we too weak to fight back?

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